Grant Funding Guidelines

The purpose of the Johnston Booster Club is to raise funds to support student participants, coaches and activity leaders and to promote athletics, activities and arts excellence that is consistent with the educational philosophy of the Johnston Community School District.

The Johnston Booster Club will accept and review grant requests that fit within these guidelines, in this priority:

  1. Promote participation in athletics, arts and activities by supporting student participant needs.
  2. Promote leadership in athletics, arts and activities by supporting coaches and activity leaders’ needs.
  3. Provide support and promotion of projects to improve facilities and equipment necessary to enhance athletics, arts and activities.

The Johnston Booster Club provides funding for grant requests that offer opportunities reaching beyond the scope of the JCSD Activities Department’s regular funding limits. The objective of the Booster Club is to invest in grant requests that:

  • have a long-term impact on athletes/activity participants, coaches & activity leaders;
  • represent non-recurring expenditures; and
  • increase a team or activity groups’ visibility, viability and competitiveness

In addition, the Booster Club will look favorably on applications that

  • position the Booster Club as a majority sponsor or contributor in situations when there will be collaborative funding, and
  • follow the Booster Club grant application requirements & JCSD procurement policies.

Grant Eligibility and Requirements

  1. Proposals may be submitted by coaches/activity leaders of the Johnston Community School District (JCSD) and must support a District-approved athletic program/activity.
  2. The JCSD Athletic and Activities Department will provide feedback as to how each grant fits within the Department guidelines.
  3. If funded, grant equipment, materials and ideas become the property of JCSD. Equipment and software must be compatible with the district’s systems and follow the district’s use policy.
  4. Funds granted must be expended by 6/30 of the year in which they were granted, at which time a final report and accounting of spent funds should be submitted to the Johnston Booster Club. After June 30 of the applicable fiscal year all unspent funds will be returned to the Booster Club.
  5. Grant recipients may be asked by the Johnston Booster Club Board to develop exhibit material and/or give presentations, on a voluntary basis, to the public relating to their grant projects to support the Booster Club’s mission. 
  6. Grant recipients may be asked to support and promote the Johnston Booster Club to its parent stakeholders and its own specific Club, if applicable. 

Application Requirements

All grant proposals must include the following:

Application Procedures

  1. The Grant Request Application forms may be found on the Johnston Booster Club website.
  2. Grant applications and attachments must be emailed to the Activities Director. Applications cannot be submitted directly to the Johnston Booster Club.

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